A Revelational Dream

This is the story of Fresia Castro, the creator of the Cyclopea Method and now I want her to speak for herself. Here is an extract of her first book Heaven is open published in 1994. 

“It was in 1978, close to New Year’s Eve, when my life as a journalist had a spectacular turn of events when I decided to obey not other than a dream. Yes, a strange dream, one of those that happen in certain nights of our lives and that doesn’t fit Freudian analysis or any other sort –one of those that simply don’t have an explanation. But if we take it into account, it can be paramount in our life. In a place profusely lit by a “light with no shadow”, with a golden hue that would be difficult to explain on the physical plane, some majestic beings radiating love, incomparable to anything known, asked me to abandon my present situation and trust the invisible –God in his almighty power and opulence–so I could depart on a journey of higher teachings that, supposedly, would be given to me in France. After three years, I was to come back to Chile so I would in turn hand those teachings over to other people, who would be waiting to receive them. A most unusual and uncertain endeavor! 

For a period of time, always in dreams, they gave me more information. They showed me places and the faces of beings that I would find along the way. I also received a number of indications regarding some personal tasks aimed at the purification of the body as well as the purification of mental patterns and eating habits. Most remarkable, overnight I quit smoking (in those days I used to smoke a pack a day), drinking alcohol and coffee, all of them linked to my job as a journalist. I also had to stop eating meat, until then one of my favorite foods. I’ll have to admit that those “quitings” cannot be credited to my willpower. They simply disappeared, as if they had never existed. 

Until then, my professional situation was promising and my personal life peaceful and safe. Nothing but a “spiritual madness,” along with what my colleagues call “professional deformation”–an urge to search and discover where one engages in the most risky undertakings,–would have made me leave behind that way of life! It’s useless to say that everything had been prepared to facilitate my departure; nonetheless, I had to take the first step. That is, to accept–against all human logic–this silent and mysterious mission. 

Little by little, the events became a physical testimony of what was being prepared at the etheric level. As the Divine Creation started to manifest itself in the human plane, my amazement grew with each manifestation. Everything escalated in a perfect way to incredible levels and I was able to attest to the Divine Opulence the very moment this plan was put in motion. 

It is not my intention to provide all the details of this adventure, but I must say that my decision to carry it out was accepted by my family. Thus, to my great surprise all of us were together in this, and we prepared ourselves with intensity to be worthy of this undertaking and to leave for France. 

The “miraculous” occurrences reached extreme limits and became our daily bread. Step by step, the instructions given by the superior levels were followed. Following the footsteps of a spiritual chimera, in the second year of pilgrimage an unexpected encounter took place. It happened when I, finally, listened to the sentence I longed so much for: “Here is what you came looking for.” From this moment, my life and the lives of those who led this “dream-reality” changed forever. 

It has been a wonderful and eternal gift that every day brings us closer to the higher goal, a goal which all those who come to this world must reach some day. The sole purpose of this introduction is to set the stage for the reader to understand how I reached this threshold. Heaven is Open isn’t directly related to this adventure or the teachings themselves, but it has a similar superior origin, which I will leave in silence until its own fruits have been confirmed. 

Speaking from experience, I say: You have before you a powerful tool that will help you advance to an encounter with your origins as well as the Divine Presence, which will receive you the same way the Father does with his prodigal son, giving him back his legacy and showing him His Kingdom”.

Fresia’s spiritual pilgrimage in France and then in Chile’s Atacama Desert led to the creation of the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland, a methodology with more than 28 years of proven results, taught around the world in Spanish and now finally available in English.

Connect - Co-create - Come back home

Veronica Sanchez

Certified Instructor Cyclopea Method





Somebody asked me how I became an Instructor for the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland. Well, here is my answer.

It was 2012, a year of change around the world, the Mayan prophecies were announcing a New Era, I must confess that I knew nothing about it, I was too busy raising my 9 year old twins, being part of school committees and seeing a few patients at my Bach Flower Essences practice. That year, a dear friend lent me a book about a mysterious gland named Pineal Gland. I read it and I was interested in knowing more.

The end of 2012 came quickly and at the beginning of 2013 my husband got a new job back in Australia. We arrived in Melbourne the last day of May 2013, by then I was reading everything I could about the Pineal Gland and I found out about Fresia Castro and the Cyclopea Method.

During the months that followed, I was slowly approaching to what it would be a radical transformation of myself and my world. At the end of that year and beginning of the next one, we went back to Chile for holidays and I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Seminar.

The seminar complemented my reading of the book Heaven is open by Fresia Castro and I was totally amused by this new, at least to me, information, to a point of no return, it touched my heart on a very deep level, the seminar cemented a desire that it was forming inside me when reading the book: I was going to be an Instructor for the Cyclopea Method and I was going to do everything in my power to meet Fresia Castro, the creator, learn from her and translate the seminar into English, I knew right then that my mission was to expand this Method to as many places I could. I had found a big treasure, my purpose in life.

This trip to Chile initiated a wave of profound transformation inside me and around me, because it impacted the lives of my husband and children, who saw my changes and were surprised and pleased at the same time of my new way of addressing our day to day routine.

I kept coming and going from Chile in the next few years, I attended advanced courses with Fresia Castro and I studied hard to become an Instructor. With the help of my dear friend Carmen Fabregat, I translated the whole seminar into English. Life couldn’t be better until…

In 2015 everything stopped. That year I got my certification and became an Instructor for the Cyclopea Method, everything seemed to be fine, however a storm was forming in the invisible and it took me by surprise.

In just 3 months one of my beautiful twins got seriously ill, so ill that we couldn’t find help here in Australia and my child and I had to leave everything behind to seek treatment overseas. My husband and my other twin stayed in Melbourne. I went all the way to Stockholm, Sweden with my child, who was only 12 years old and had a whole life to experience.

We stayed in Stockholm for many months and our decision to go to Sweden proved to be right, the Swedish treatment was successful, however those months were difficult and lonely, being without my husband and my other child was very tough.

I decided that I was going to stay positive and calm during that hard time, it was easy to fall into depression, instead I started practicing the teachings of the Cyclopea Method and little by little I felt the effects of my practice and I was able to face the situation from a place of love and calmness. Day after day I saw an improvement in my being and in my way of approaching things to the point that my child ask me to practice too and together we formed a little army of hope and love and my child got better and better until one day in 2016 we were able to come back home.

The practice of the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland is what sustained me and my family through incredible hard times and that is my motivation to teach and share this method with others, because I experienced its effects myself and I know first hand what we can do when we are connected to the Source and when we are able to co-create miracles big and small.

We live in a field of polarities and sometimes I get caught up in this field as well as everyone else, however I can quickly recover just by applying the practical exercises of the Method.

My journey with the Method has taken me to a place of hope, peace, harmony, love and perfection. If I could summarise everything in one sentence, I would say that the Cyclopea Method has taken me to a world of Freedom. How powerful!

Veronica Sanchez

Certified Instructor Cyclopea Method