The Cyclopea Method (Part 2)

We live in results…I have been talking about the Cyclopea Method and I would like you to remember that here we live in results and results can be changed, this means that reality is in the invisible, we create in the invisible and once we create in the invisible, what happens is that we can change those results, because we are able to go to the origin, when you go to the origin you turn that result upside down as the law of correspondence and you can change it, all results can be changed, because reality is in the invisible, everything that we create first is inside our mind, in the invisible and then we create it, then we manifest that creation in this physical field.

The Cyclopea Method is a method that touches all areas of life, so it is not only a method for health or to earn money, it is not a method only for love, it is a method for everything, it is a method to create what you want, and those creations have an impact in the world around you and also an impact in the planet, because all this has the purpose of radiating the humankind creative network, that mesh that surrounds the planet and that is normally in low frequency and if we are connected to the Source and we radiate high frequency feelings, the planetary frequency starts elevating itself and this is one of the purposes of this method, the same goes for meditation and other tools of self development, they have the purpose of rising the frequency of the planet. This is it, then we can not classify the method of being only for health, or wealth or love, it is a method of creation, it is a whole, it is a sphere, as Fresia Castro, the creator of the method, says. The method being a sphere, means that all the areas of the energy being, the experiences of the energy-being are covered by the Cyclopea Method. I will talk in another article about the Cyclopea Method Sphere.

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Veronica Sanchez

Certified Instructor