The Cyclopea Method (Part 1)

The Cyclopea Method shows you how to discover your real identity, who you are, you are an energy being that has all the tools within yourself and when you, as energy being are able to connect to the whole, to the One, what we call the Source, you obtain that energy and together you co-create the life you want to live or a better life for you as a person, as an energy being, but also for all those around you, you radiate that energy and it begins to affect you, it begins to affect your cells, it affects each one of your cells, first you light up and when you are completely lighten up, this energy expands itself and it touches your son, your daughter, your partner, whoever is around you and you go through life like that, because you learn a technique, a way to make this state permanent, because that is our original state, our original state is the state of the energy-being, the creator being and we are here to learn to create with Love, as Fresia Castro, the creator of the Cyclopea Method says, we came here, we became denser because we have that task, to learn, to go around the spiral, to go up the spiral of life, to then get out and get to higher levels of consciousness and that covers all areas of life.

Then, if you have health problems, what happens is that once you get your pineal gland activated, once you are connected to the Source, those health problems will begin to fade, because you have that inside you, that power within you, to improve your own health, this doesn’t mean that you don’t visit a doctor or that you don’t pay attention to what doctors say, no, but it is also in you to be able to recover or not.

The Cyclopea Method will also cover the area of everything that has to do with money and work. Many times, we stay in a job because we think that we have no other option, but the options are always there, so you will be able to leave that cycle, because you have the tools to be able to co-create something better for youself.

The same thing happens with love, we sometimes stay in relationships, thinking that it is the only option we have and it is not like that either or we haven’t found love yet, what we believe is the perfect love, and perfection doesn’t exist here, however if you activate your pineal gland, you will manage to find your own centre and power and then, from there, connect to that Source and co-create that perfect love for you, and if you already have it, it will be even more perfect.

The Cyclopea Method covers everything that has to do with your body, with your movement, with your health, with your sleep, with all that, this method covers all areas of life, because it is a method of creation, we are creators and by connecting to the Source and then activating your Pineal Gland, you will become a co-creator.

Connect – Co-create – Come back home

Veronica Sanchez

Certified Instructor