The Cyclopea Method (Part 3)

The Cyclopea Method is a sphere and this means that first we start with the Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Seminar, because the Pineal Gland, we could say is the door that connects us with that superior energy, with that whole, with that big Kaleidoscope One, and once we activate our pineal gland we are able to go deeper within ourselves, within our own abilities.

Then the courses called Interactive Courses come into place, and we start with the course called Happiness as a destiny of the being, because the first search of the human being is happiness, it is not love, many people think it is love, but no, it is happiness, happiness is what we are always looking for, why? Because we once knew it, “Nobody seeks what is unknown”, says Fresia Castro, the creator of the Cyclopea Method, in our true origin, as energy beings we knew happiness and that memory keep us searching for it.

Once we have understood what happiness is, we go to the course named Knowing Love, where we learn about all the myths that exist around Love, because Love is also a whole, something universal that brings everything together. Then, once we have understood happiness and love we are able to go to the third interactive course called Opulence, the next step, which is the abundance of all good things, not only money, but the abundance of everything good.

And with each course we go deeper into the method and into ourselves, we go deeper into levels of understanding and we arrive to the course called The musical being and the wisdom of gesture and here we understand that we are musical beings, that we are in tune with the universe and that everything has a logic behind, in this course we learn about gestures and we learn to dance.

And once we have gone through these four courses, we go to the last course named Everyone leaves, can we stay? This is a course based on what we refer to as “the change called death”, here we learn everything that has to do with all the myths around what we call death, we learn how we can relate to the so-called death. After this course, we have reached very, very high levels of understanding.

And all these courses, from the Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland to the 5 Interactive courses, have the purpose of preparing us for what we could call ascension, ascension of conscience, but also ascension as a planet, to a higher level of understanding, of consciousness and during all these courses a series of exercises are practiced that go from the simplest to the most complex, wonderful exercises, notice that when I talk about complexity, I mean profound, not difficult, but profound.

And all this courses form a sphere that completes the energy being and gives us the tools to live in this world, in this system, but without belonging to it, on the contrary, giving us the tools for helping to change it, helping to elevate it. That is the sphere of the Cyclopea Method.

Connect – Co-create – Come back home

Veronica Sanchez

Certified Instructor