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Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Munich, Germany

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind, a loyal servant, but our present society honours the servant and completely forgets the gift "(Einstein)

The Cyclopea Method is considered to be one of the greatest opportunities for a person to free themselves from the chains that have been limiting them in their lives and to enter into the process of realisation that they have always sought.

Through a simple, direct and unique way, the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland re-establishes the Original Creative Program, strengthens the immune system, develops individual's abilities and helps to achieve increased levels of peace.
"Do not miss the opportunity to acquire this self-improvement tool that has helped thousands of people around the world.

Sometimes, we want to achieve something, but fear paralise us. Sometimes we are suffering and we feel that we are not worthy. Sometimes we just would like to feel more loved. Sometimes, we need time to pause and think about the important things that keep us going. Whatever the circumstances are, what we should do is to elevate our frequency and start living in co-creation. But, how do we do that? I used to ask myself this question until I found the Cyclopea Method. This method shows you a unique and very effective way to attune to high frequency feelings, so you can attract all the good things to co-create together with the Source the life you desire.

Our Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Workshop is fast approaching and I would like to encourage you to attend. Give yourself the opportunity to learn a new skill and a life-changing tool. Become a powerful co-creator!

More Benefits

Activation of the Superior Connection circuit.

It slows down the ageing process.

Strengthens the immune system.

Powers levels of happiness and balance.

It drives the processes of self-mastery.

Stimulates restful sleep.

Develops the creative abilities of each individual.

It stimulates the connection of the cerebral hemispheres.

It enriches the oneiric life.

It allows the recovery of our real identity and our original creative powers, and much more .... Discover them!

We will cover:

First Module


Switch of paradigm

Who are we?

Humankind memory versus memory of the origin

Vibrational Atomic Field Concept

Need for change of creative paradigm

Creative Act and the Creative Humankind Network

Dispersion and creative unity

Pineal gland

Creative Funnel

Attention and acceptance.

Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland, Cyclopea Method (exercise)


Second Module

It brings the Roadmap, an energy self-diagnosis on how we have been facing our creative battles. This is a very powerful tool within the Cyclopea Method.

Third Module

Use of the method in its short version for everyday life.
Learning to connect in 1-2-3
Creative Commands

Fourth Module

It brings the "Application of the Pineal Gland in its Synesthetic Capability" through a sensory training exercise, which allows the physical senses to prepare towards a creative experience of superior access by entering fields of understanding that go beyond the ten percent of use of our brain power or creative capacity, and its different specific uses. With these exercises, a conscious sensorial communication channel is permanently available to enter the superior fields of creation and perfection.

What is next? A view of the next workshops of the Cyclopea Method

What is included:

All interactive materials

Coffee breaks and refreshments

Online access to the activation exercises.

Investment: 297.- Euros

Early Bird: 237.- Euros until 30th September 2018

Spaces are limited and we already have a few available!

To Book please send an email to