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The Roadmap, a Cyclopea Method Workshop (Sydney)

The Roadmap, a Cyclopea Method Workshop.

What is the Roadmap? It is an energetic self-diagnosis, not psychological, of how our Energy Being is performing their creative battles.

What are we going to do? We will review our core chip, we will see if it has loosen wires, we will see if it is damaged and we will repair it.

It is a formula to identify our energetic knots that prevent our Energy Beings from generating their creative processes with complete freedom and power.

During this reveling workshop we become aware of colours and their hidden meanings and we come back to being children again through drawings and feeling part of a tale. We learn how to read our Roadmaps, how to correct them and finally we learn how to use our corrected or perfect roadmap. The results of the Roadmap Workshop can be quickly perceived as it happens with all the Cyclopea Method Workshops.

This workshop is open to anyone, not only Pinealists, who would like to learn a powerful tool to embrace the road of self-development. 

Are you ready to take another step into a fascinating journey?

Investment: $257.-