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Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Seminar Sydney


Are you familiar with the Pineal Gland?
Do you want to know more about its benefits?
Do you want to become a powerful co-creator?

Many things have been said about the Pineal Gland, however we seem to know so little about it. The time has come for us to start unveiling the real and practical uses of this awesome gland. It is possible to stimulate your Pineal Gland through using herbs, sounds, images and other means, but when the effects of these means pass, the Pineal Gland comes back to its original state. In contrast, the activation through the Cyclopea Method is done internally and is fast and permanent because it is a method with scientific backing and using a specific process.

We are creators of universes, says Fresia Castro, the brain behind the Cyclopea Method and that is exactly what you will learn when attending our workshop, you will learn how the creation process is produced and how we are creating our scenarios, you will master a very effective way to attune to high frequency feelings and to be able to create from that frequency your everyday life. 

Why is it so important to activate your Pineal Gland? Because this gland has wonderful function within our body as it produces vital hormones, such as, serotonin, a daylight transmitter and melatonin, the night time transmitter. The production of melatonin brings along some powerful benefits like restful sleep, slowing down the ageing process and enhancing your creativity. However, one of the most relevant benefits of the Pineal Gland Activation is that it gives you a straight connection with the Source or Superior Self and this is the starting point to become a co-creator of your everyday life and see results. Descartes, the father of rationalism defined the Pineal Gland as the seat of the soul. 

The Cyclopea Method is based on three fundamental pillars:
Scientific knowledge 
Big keys present in the spiritual movements of the world and
Wisdom found in the indigenous cultures of the planet.

The Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland was created more than 27 years ago by the Latin Mentor and Guru Fresia Castro and today there are more than 500.000 thousand people around the world who practice this method helping them to co-create the life of their dreams and impact the life of others in a positive and constructive way.
Take a leap of faith and give yourself the chance to learn a unique method with the enormous potential of changing the way you live and create.

Get started now! 

👁More Benefits
Activation of the Superior Connection circuit.
It slows down the ageing process.
Strengthens the immune system.
Powers levels of happiness and balance.
It drives the processes of self-mastery.
Stimulates restful sleep.
Develops the creative abilities of each individual.
It stimulates the connection of the cerebral hemispheres.
It enriches the oneiric life.
It allows the recovery of our real identity and our original creative powers, and much more .... Discover them!

🌀We will cover:

First Module
Switch of paradigm 
Who are we?
Humankind memory versus memory of the origin
Vibrational Atomic Field Concept
Need for change of creative paradigm
Creative Act and the Creative Humankind Network 
Dispersion and creative unity
Pineal gland
Creative Funnel
Attention and acceptance.
Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland, Cyclopea Method (exercise)

Second Module
It brings the "Application of the Pineal Gland in its Synesthetic Capability" through a sensory training exercise, which allows the physical senses to prepare towards a creative experience of superior access by entering fields of understanding that go beyond the ten percent of use of our brain power or creative capacity, and its different specific uses. With these exercises, a conscious sensorial communication channel is permanently available to enter the superior fields of creation and perfection.

Third Module
Use of the method in its short version for everyday life.
Learning to connect in 1-2-3
Creative Commands
What is next? A view of the next workshops of the Cyclopea Method

🌀What is included:

All interactive materials
Coffee breaks and refreshments
Online access to the activation exercises.

Investment: $257.-

👁Spaces are limited and we already have a few available!