Fresia Castro, Creatrix

The work of Fresia Castro can be summed up in one word: "Creation".

She is a creator of universes, in her more than 30 years of experience, Fresia has been a visionary, developing a methodology with more than twenty workshops based on the deep knowledge of our being, self-mastery and applied creativity.

This simple, warm and determined woman has been a strong advocate of the recovery of the American ancestral wisdom, tenaciously guarding the keys that make us the architects of our lives with the ability to manifest what we have dreamed of.

The application of this methodology has impacted different areas, such as : health, psychology, art, education, as well as in government organizations, private companies and institutions involved in the recovery of talents and abilities of children, youth and adults.

The International HR Management Magazine considered her among the 10 American "Gurus" within the business world.

She has also been considered by the International Journal "Executive Women" in Mexico as a "Revolutionary of Consciousness".

Fresia Castro is a writer, with several Latin American bestsellers, Master of Arts of the École des beaux-arts de Paris and creator of the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland.

Fresia is also a journalist specializing in the scientific area, with a Post Graduate Degree in Pre-Columbian Cultures, a Post Graduate Degree in Psychology, Master in Arts, Writer, Promoter of the Ancestral Spiritual and Ancestral Role of Latin America, for the world. She lived in the Atacama Desert, Chile for more than ten years. She is the creator of the workshops of American Art and President of the American Art Corporation “AMERARTE”, teaching and rescuing the creative potentials of the ancestral people of the Chilean highlands.


"HEAVEN IS OPEN" in its 17th edition now, "SURAMERIS AND THE CHEST OF SECRETS” in its 12th edition, "WE ARE ALL DEAD… THE GOOD NEWS” and "THE FINAL SYMBOL, MORE THAN A METHOD A PLAN FOR LATIN AMERICA" have been published in Chile, Mexico, and some of them in Spain, Argentina, and in the United States of America. "TANTLÉ AND THE TANGLES OF TIME” is the revolutionary manifesto of Love, published at the end of 2014, her most recent publication, that invites us to a magical ancestral world at the dawn of time in Machu Picchu, where a plan was carefully designed so today it is the duty of Latin American people to carry out.

The film The Connection"" (Chilean / Mexican / Spanish production) is based on her adventure and life experience, her inner pilgrimage in the Atacama desert, as well as the scientific vision about her research and subsequent creation of the Cyclopea Method.

The documentary "America the Revelation" a Chilean / Mexican / Spanish co-production, free of cost to the world, changes the vision of our American history. It is based on her investigations and conferences called : "America the Final Symbol" in different countries.

Today, she spends most of her time in the mountains, painting angels, playing piano and also working on her next publications.